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The benefits of organizing your Systems into Provinces are many. An organized territory will see a significant increase in revenues from Trade, because Trade between Provinces is more lucrative. There are significant decreases in Piracy and corruption as your officials crack down and establish order. Systems which belong to established Provinces enjoy a reduced Morale cost associated with taxation, and see a significant increase in civilian-funded colonization and development.

Initially, Provinces are only allowed to have three Systems in them. Enhanced Jurisdiction increases this limit to 4 star systems in a single province and Cosmic Bureaucracies to 5 systems. Provinces can not be added to or changed once created.

When forming a Province, any systems to be included must be within up to 8[1] Light Years of another inclusion, depending on research done.

Generic Diplomatic Points are generated every turn by every Province that the player holds.

Trade Exports to outside of a province generate 25000 income instead of the 15000 income for trade within a province.

The Socialism Government type has a gift for bureaucracy, which allows them to add an additional Planet when organizing Provinces and Territories.

If every System in a single Province goes into rebellion, it will spark a full-scale Revolution.

A player who has developed the Occupy, Annex and Eclipse technologies may find it easier to ask for the surrender of a entire province.


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