Ghost Ship

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The Flying Dutchman...
Type of Menace Mobile Random Encounter
Introduced in Lords of Winter 1.0
Details The SFS-01 Leviathan continues it's 5 year mission to...uh...

The section file describes a human Leviathan with 20000 structure points plus Structural Fields, Quark Resonators and Improved Reflective Coating. Its weapons are 10 MIRV missiles, 10 normal missiles, 15 HEAP Heavy Drivers, 37 Neutron Beams, 28 Fusion Cannons, 6 Inertial Cannons and 6 Variable Phasers.

Tactics The Ghost Ship closes in on a Science Station, destroys it and then retreats. As it has such a big firepower, the planet and any other stations and defenses are usually also wiped out. Constructing the Science Station alone and in the smallest world in the system would diminish the loss, but it would also make it more vulnerable to normal attacks. Weapons with good armor piercing are crucial to defeating this menace. It has a semi blind spot slightly to the side directly behind it where only one turret can fire. It will ignore ships and head straight for its target. It tends to stay in the same general area of space and on larger maps will only trouble one player similar to the Von Neuman