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Fleets consist of a Flagship and Admiral, plus the appropriate ships required for the mission, plus any other ships you feel may be helpful while undertaking that mission.

At the start of every Sandbox game you will have the following fleets:

  • 1st Survey Fleet
1x Cruiser Command Ship
2x Cruiser Supply Ships
5x Cruiser Armor Ships
Suul'ka Horde Faction includes 1x Boreship
  • 1st Construction Fleet
1x Cruiser Command Ship
1x Cruiser Supply Ship
1x Construction Ship
  • 1st Colony Fleet
1x Cruiser Command Ship
2x Cruiser Supply Ships
2x Cruiser Coloniser Transport Ships

Additionally, the Hiver Faction starts with:

  • 1st Gate Fleet
1x Cruiser Command Ship
2x Cruiser Supply Ships
2x Cruiser Armor Ships
2x Cruiser Gate Ship
  • 2nd Gate Fleet
1x Cruiser Command Ship
2x Cruiser Supply Ships
2x Cruiser Armor Ships
2x Cruiser Gate Ship

You can rename your fleets by right-clicking on the fleet with the mouse, and then selecting "Rename Fleet" from the list of options.

Fleets are assigned to a base of operations and have a maximum range they can operate out to based on their supply capability as well as the supply area provided for by stations and colonies.

Fleet Size

Fleets have a maximum size determined by both the available CnC capability of the flagship and the size of the Naval station they are based at. A system without a naval station can support 10 CEs worth of ships per colonized planet. A colony must reach certain level of development before it can support any ships. For the levels of support capacity provided by Naval Stations, please see the Support page.


As colonies build ships, the ships produced are placed into Reserve status. Reserves can be drawn forward and placed into a local fleet on any turn.

Spare ships that are kept as reserves still require some upkeep, but that amount is reduced considerably compared to the operating cost of an active ship.

Ships in reserve (including freighters) can be transferred from one system to another without the need to create a CnC lead fleet. To do this:

  • Right click a system.
  • Select the Relocate Mission.
  • Select "Reserve Transfer".
  • Drag & drop ships you want to transfer to the right.
  • Confirm & Exit.


All fleet movement and orders are now covered by missions. Canceling a mission will cause the fleet preforming that mission to return to its base unless the admiral has a very high reaction skill. Please see the Missions page for more information


Fleets have a maximum endurance based on the Supply for each Fleet. Fleets within the supply radius of the Empire's colonies and stations will typically have double their supply value to perform missions with (though the actual mechanic might be halving the supply cost of missions). [1] Fleets always reserve enough supply to crawl home. [2]

Endurance is calculated using the TOTAL supply and the TOTAL consumption for the fleet, not the average of each individual ship. [3] Each fight the fleet gets in reduces supply as well. [4]

Defense Fleet

Any Platform, Asteroid Monitor, SDB, specialized ship or police ship [5] you drag and drop into the bottom bar (tray) of the battle manager in systems you OWN, becomes part of the defense fleet. The defense fleet supports the positioning of various platforms, Asteroid Monitors, the use and placement of minelayers as minefields and SDBs. Eventually the defense fleet will also include Support concepts like including a node bore in the defense tray, which will then automatically tend all node lines connected to the system. [6]

The defense fleet is in addition to any Fleets already in the system. This is why it is outside the standard fleet system of admiral/command ship. [7] So a system you own without a admiral led fleet will use the defense fleet when the system comes under attack. However if a admiral led fleet is in that system, the ships and other assets of the defense fleet will be added to the admirals fleet as a bonus.

Full mobile assets are considered Full Fleet Assets and can not be placed in the defense fleet.[8]

Defense Fleet Size

The defense fleet size (in Command Points) is set by the size of the Naval Station in system, how many Command Modules it has on-board and if there is a colonized planet in the system. The numbers below are additive, so a Human system with a colony but no naval station will only have 3 defense fleet command points while that same system with a brand new naval station will have 9 defense fleet command points.

Defense Fleet Command Points
Faction Outpost Forward Base Naval Base Star Base Sector Base
Hiver: 8 16 24 32 60
Human: 6 12 18 32 64
Liir-Zuul: 7 14 21 35 70
Morrigi: 6 12 18 30 60
Tarka: 6 12 18 30 60
Zuul: 6 10 15 25 50
Other Command Point Modifiers
Name Points
Command Modules
(per module)
Base colonized
system points


Minelayers in the defense tray will create persistent Minefields. [9] Placing minefields in the battle manager is a 2 step process. First you must drag your minelayers from the fleet widget into the defense widget at the bottom of the screen. Once that is done you may place minefields in the system. [10]


All ships and stations require a per turn Upkeep cost. For more information, please see the Upkeep page.

If you no longer wish to pay upkeep for a ship, either because the design is redundant or your fleet upkeep costs are too high, it can be recycled. To do this expand the Reserve, Defense or Fleet group until you can see individual ships. A small trashcan icon with a closed lid will be seen against each unique ship. Clicking the trashcan will change the icon to show an open lid and place a Confirm/Cancel option at the top of the systems Fleets list. Multiple ships can be selected for recycling by clicking the trashcan icon to show an open lid for each one. Once your selections are made, clicking Confirm will cause the system to recycle the selected ships.

As of Revision 22804c, Stations cannot be recycled and there is no information as to whether recycling generates any income for trade or construction.


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