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Sword of the Stars 2: The Lords of Winter, the sequel to Sword of the Stars 1, was announced January 27th, 2010, after being "leaked" on Twitter by the CEO of Paradox Interactive, on January 21st, 2010.

Kerberos confirmed the leak here.

A First Details piece by IGN UK includes some broad outlines of the game. And Games Reactor has the actual presentation that gives more detail.

"The desire and goal is for SotS II to be native 64–bit."

"The only thorn in the side of this plan is third–party dependencies that do not yet support 64–bit builds. I am actively working to avoid this situation and by release all should be well."Kludgy

"How will ship destruction in SotS 2 work? Chunks will fly off based on damage...damage and death will be less RTS'y. 'Nuff said." — Mecron


Sword of the Stars 2 begins roughly a century after the Hiver bombardment of Earth that set the scene for the original game and about 20 years or so after the time period covered by the final Argos Naval Yard expansion. Gamers will be re–acquainted with the original six races from Swords of the Stars I and its expansions as well as reveal the dark secret of the original series, the Suul'ka — an ancient race that is responsible for tampering with the Liir, Zuul, and other races in the SotS universe!

Not limited to another entire new race and their unique drive technology, SotS2 will be a major step forward in the SotS approach to 4X gameplay, taking the easy–to–learn–hard–to–master philosophy set out in SotS1 and following that path to a new standard in space strategy games.

"We've always felt there are many parallels between Paradox Interactive and Kerberos. We share a passion for game development, a dedication to a strong community and have earned a great deal of recognition and creditability in the strategy gaming community for our work. Sword of the Stars 2 is in its early conception but is already showing potential of becoming Kerberos great masterpiece and we are very excited to play a part in bringing it to gamers worldwide", said Fredrik Wester, CEO Paradox Interactive.

"Sword of the Stars 2 represents not only an evolution of the SotS gameplay and story, but also a union between a developer and a publisher who understand gameplay and strategy above all else. To us, Paradox is more than just another publisher, they are fellow gamers who love strategy and action as much as we do. When it comes to the game itself, Sword of the Stars 2 will be far more than just a sequel where the graphics have been tuned up and a new unit or two thrown in. Instead players can look forward to a whole new game that is based on the central SotS experience, but willing and able to grow beyond it to offer even more in terms of strategy, tactics and gameplay." Martin Cirulis, CEO Kerberos Productions.

Sword of the Stars 2 is in early production and is scheduled for release in 2011. A pre-release demo with a full-on, interactive tutorial that will detail both basic and advanced features will be released.


The following information was released during E3 2010:

  • Fleshed out star systems where battles can take place anywhere.
  • Star maps based on "Stellar Geography" with named features.
  • Detailed ship subsystems that can be modified or damaged individually to affect ship performance.
  • The mighty Leviathan class, which is three times the size of a Dreadnought.
  • Increased visual damage feedback in combat: Lights and the holographic race badges flicker, fires burn, bits fly off.
  • Abstracted ground combat.
  • AI opponent "Characters" with unique behaviors as a subset of their racial tendencies.
  • An internal SotS-pedia that will unlock more and more background and information about the game as you play.
  • Linked scenarios based on canon from the SotS Universe
  • Configurable modules to be fitted to ships, allowing for even more customization.
  • The ability to name individual ships and have those names appear in-game on the hull.
  • Social Networking alerts for telling your friend you are starting up an MP game.
  • The ability to create in-game music playlists using the players own music database.
  • Political organization of empires allowing players to designate capital worlds and create galactic provinces for advantages in trade and power.
  • Multiple 2D planes stacked on one another so that the player can switch "altitudes" at the touch of a button or easily assign full 3-D formations.
  • A large compliment of combat maneuvers and an improved flight AI so that players will be able to command ships to dive underneath the enemy as a default behavior or perform a full spin against their inertial direct to keep heavy weapons locked on one way while moving another.


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