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A SolForce officer in full dress
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SolForce is the name of the united Human military, formed after the devastating first contact with the Hivers. The official motto of the Space Corps is "Per Ardua Ad Astra"—"Through Hardship, the Stars", though the popular unofficial motto of Humans in space is "Repensum est Canicula"—"Payback is a Bitch".

SolForce employs a mingling of Chinese and British naval traditions in their ranking system, demonstrating how traditional geographical and personal divisions between many racial and cultural groups have been left in the past. The level of gender bias in the military seen in the 21st century is impossible in SolForce, given the circumstances. Misogyny is a relic of a day and age when humanity was ignorant, backward, and foolish—not to mention being soft and spoiled enough that it made sense to disenfranchise one half of the species as a sop to the ego insecurities of the other half.

The breakdown of officers and enlisted crew depends very much on the ship and the mission. In general, SolForce is not liberal with the gift of rank. Times are hard and any kind of respect or authority has to be earned—this is true of command staff and specialists alike. A line officer in command of multiple ships would be called a "Task Force Commander", equivalent to a SolForce Commodore (Cdre). The term "Commodore" is used to refer to brass of equal rank who are not line officers, but serve in domestic, logistical, or intelligence roles.

By the time of Tarka First Contact, many rungs of the old ranking system were obsolete including the ranks of Commander, Captain-Lieutenant, and Lieutenant-Commander.

SolForce is divided into many different Corps, including the Space Corps, Intelligence Corps, Research and Development Corps, and Ground Corps.

Generally, the ship prefix for the Human military is SFS ("SolForce Ship").

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