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Lore Humans

Due to certain peculiarities of Human physiology and psychology, life on the Human home world became very unpleasant in the post-industrial age. The expected lifespan of the average Human being was enormously increased due to advances in biology and medicine but the breeding behaviour of the majority of Humans was not adjusted to take this into account. Many Humans also refused to modify their industrial consumption and pollution.

Accordingly, from the beginning of the so-called "Industrial Revolution" onward, Humans began very rapidly to both overpopulate and environmentally devastate their own home planet. Certain unfortunate distribution philosophies created a steadily growing number of Humans with little or no access to vital resources while others remained wealthy, overfed and wasteful. The impoverished fringe population rapidly grew despite the pressures of starvation, disease and environmental toxins on their proliferation, until they outnumbered the so-called elite of the "developed world" by a factor of ten. The resulting planetary wars and limited nuclear exchanges were even more gruesome and destructive than the effects of overpopulation and careless industrialization had been; a sizeable percentage of the homeworld's native species were lost as well as roughly 70% of the Human population.

During the Reconstruction Age a philosophical shift was observed in the surviving population of Humans. The newly emerging Consortium governments more easily signed armistices, environmental protection accords and peace agreements. War in general was no longer universally revered as the most valuable and noble of all Human endeavours as had often been the case in previous centuries. A tendency toward cooperation and mutual support was encouraged.

However, this peace would prove a temporary one.

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