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Sword of the Stars II includes all six races from the original game (and its expansions) and introduces a new one. Three of the original races have had previous contact with this new race: The Liir were enslaved by them and gave them the original name of Suul'ka, the Morrigi have suffered catastrophic losses to them and the Zuul were created by them.

Unlike the original, the races of Sword of the Stars II are separated into different factions. This change is representative of the progression of time in the SotS universe between the original game its sequel.While the Humans, Hiver, and Tarkas remain dominant in their respective empires the Zuul have split in two, half joining the Suul'ka Horde and the other half joining the Liir in the Liir - Prester Zuul Alliance. After the events of the Morrigi War the Morrigi have taken it upon themselves to protect independent colonies of all races and has grown into a vast confederation.

It is worth mentioning that most of the information released by Kerberos about the various races is done so from the point-of-view of SolForce. That is to say: If SolForce knows it, the SotS community knows it, particularly in the case of new and upcoming races, such as the Suul'ka.

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