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A new addition to the series, SotS 2 includes Admirals that have some effect on a fleet. Admirals can be assigned to any ship and transferred from ship to ship and fleet to fleet. [1] An admiral in the field only has their own command limit to work with, though this command limit is higher than in SotS 1. [2] The number of admirals available to the player is based on number and size of worlds and number of class 4 and 5 Naval Stations. [3]

Admirals will jump to any remaining command ship if they survive the destruction of their original ship (escape pods increase the survival chance). [4] Fleets that lose their last CnC or their admiral retreat and go inactive until a CNC/Admiral are placed with the fleet. [5]

Admirals that retire or die of natural causes will be replaced "in the field" by another of the Empires Admirals. Admirals that are captured or killed in combat are not automatically replaced and require that the fleet return to a base before a new Admiral can get assigned. [6]

A few of the Admirals will be "special" in relation to the lore, but for the most part admirals are more steel than fluff. Managing your highest ranking military leaders is a practical necessity, and represents the level of "people skills" that are relevant for the leader of a stellar empire. [7]

Morrigi will have access to admirals from all the races in the game. Liir/Zuul will have admirals from both species but favoring the Liir. Suul'ka faction admirals are all horde Zuul as actual Suul'ka are not big on paperwork. [8]

Admiral Manager

You can see the list of your current admirals from the Fleet Management screen if you click the "Create a new fleet" button. It is not clear if a direct means to list admirals will be available anywhere else or is planned.


Admirals either die in combat, get captured, die of old age, retire and possibly pass on some knowledge to their replacement or, with sufficient technology, have their minds transferred to engrams and last forever as Expert System Admirals. [9] However, this comes at the cost of their ability to learn new skills. [10] Hivers have little interest in this tech though, because they already have their own biological version. [11] The Hiver ability to be reborn is abstracted into a bonus for a Hiver admiral to have a greater chance of teaching his replacement a skill. [12]

Engrams are not just computer programs like an expert system -- they capture some level of unique quantum state information regarding the living being they are derived from, and those quantum states can't be duplicated (i.e. it's a destructive copy mechanism, not a conservatory copy mechanism.) If you tried to copy an engram you'd just kill it and re-create it. [13]


Admiralty loyalty is tested only by full on rebellions and, in some rare cases, capture and conversion by the enemy. [14] When an Admiral changes sides, he takes his fleet and goes to his (now rebelling) home planet with it. [15]

Also note that mistreating admirals can lower the morale of their home system. [16] Engram Admirals can not revolt. [17]


Admirals have three quantitative attributes in addition to any traits they may have.

Reaction Rating - This number is a measure of an Admiral's ability to move quickly and anticipate the movements of the enemy. An Admiral with a high Reaction Rating is more likely to get an extra Fleet movement. The lowest possible Reaction Rating is 1, the highest possible Reaction Rating is 99.

Evasion Rating - This number is a measure of an Admiral's ability to survive the loss of the fleet to which he or she was assigned. When the last Command Ship of a Fleet is destroyed, this number represents the Admiral's base percentage chance survival. The lowest possible Evasion rating is 1, the highest is 99.

Loyalty Rating - Loyalty is a measure of an officer's willingness to serve the empire, in particular the interests of the Player. Loyalty will be tested if the Admiral's Planet of Birth ever rebels against the empire, and it is also the quality that is tested when the Admiral is captured by an Inquisitor, an Evangelist or a Headhunter. Admirals with the True Believer characteristic add a hefty bonus to all tests of Loyalty.


Admirals can have traits in a variety of different areas, and their traits can increase or decrease due to various events. For example, the "Drill Sergeant" Admiral trait comes with +10% tightening of weapon accuracy cones but also a 5% increase in fleet supply consumption during missions. [18] Currently, Admirals only seem to get one trait at a time but new traits and multiple admiral traits are expected. [19]

Trait Effect
Architect 10% increase in construction points on construction missions. Characteristic can increase in level over time.
Artillery Expert Increase Fleet ships rate of fire by +10% while in standoff mode.
Attacker Rate of fire +10% while fighting in enemy owned systems. -10% when fighting in own system.
Bad Shepard 10% decrease in population growth of a new colony while running Colonize missions.
Black Thumb 10% decrease in terraforming of a new colony while running Colonize missions.
Conscript Admiral was forced into service. 20% higher chance of retirement. 20% more vulnerable to Evangelist or Inquisitor.
Defender Fleet rate of fire +10% while fighting in owned system. -10% when fighting in enemy owned system.
Drill Sergeant Increases accuracy of all fleet weapons by 10%, but fleet consumes 5% more supply.
Elite Critical hits repaired 100% faster, upkeep of all ships in fleet increased by 50%.
Evangelist Liir only, 25% chance to convert captured admirals. 20% bonus to reaction roll vs. enemy admirals fleet for 10 turns on successful conversion.
Glory Hound When defending, +20% rate of fire but all planets take 50% more civilian casualties from enemy fire.
Good Shepard Increased population growth of new colony on colony missions. Characteristic can increase in level over time.
Green Thumb 10% increase in terraforming of a new colony while running Colonize missions.
Headhunter Morrigi only, increased chance (50/50) that a captured enemy admiral joins the Morrigi.
Hunter All ships in fleet 15% faster when in pursuit mode.
Inquisitor Zuul only, 25% chance to take trait from captured enemy admirals. This kills the enemy admiral.
Livingstone Increased time required for Survey missions by 1-2 turns.
Media Hero For each battle the fleet is in that is a 'win', every world in Empire receives a +1 morale. If the admiral dies, -6 morale to all worlds.
Pathfinder Reduces time required for Survey missions by 1-2 turns.
Psion Ships in Fleet +20% psionic point totals.
Sherman When attacking enemy planets, fleet does double population and infrastructure damage. -2 to diplomatic feelings from all other governments for each turn this admiral has a fleet.
Skeptic Ships in Fleet -20% psionic point totals.
Slippery Larger chance to survive command ship destruction and avoid capture. Characteristic can increase in level over time.
Technophobe -15% reaction roll vs Loa but 15% rate of fire increase while in combat against Loa.
Thrifty Reduces fleet supply cost per turn. Characteristic can increase in level over time.
True Believer 20% less vulnerable to Evangelist or Inquisitor. 20% less likely to retire.
True Grit Increases fleet endurance by 1-2 turns
Vigilant 10% increased chance to engage pirates when assigned to Interdiction, 50% increased chance when assigned to Patrol.
Wastrel Increased fleet supply cost. Characteristic can increase in level over time.


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