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February 20, 2011 – The SotS 2 Codex is now online. Please use it for all SotS 2 references and information.
January 29, 2011 – Due to spambot attacks account creation requires human intervention. Please fill out the request form fully if you want an account. Bots will be ignored.
December 21, 2010Sword of the Stars II — Developer Diary — Re-Inventing the Future.
September 28, 2010Sword of the Stars IIEngine Demo Trailer

This site contains all publicly known information on Kerberos Productions' 4X space strategy game series called Sword of the Stars. The site was launched on December 8th, 2005.

Please use the search feature on the left, or the links below to get started. This is a community site, so please feel free to add or edit the information here as you see fit. The more you participate, the better this resource will be.

Choose Your Side

Click one of these icons for the details on a specific race.

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Sword of the Stars SotSIcon.png Born of Blood BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png A Murder of Crows AMoC-Icon.png Argos Naval Yard ANY-icon.png SotS-CC-icon.png
SotS Introduction Beginner's Guide
Release Information Version / Patch Notes
Acknowledged Suggestions FAQ
The Company The Team
Designer Notes Glossary of Terms

Game Features

AI Colonies Command and Control
Defenses Diplomacy Economy
Examples and Tactics FTL Drive Technology Game Setup
Hardware and Software Requirements Hotkeys Interface
Multiplayer Races Research
Riders Scenarios Sensors
Ships Ship Sections Strategic Turn
Tactical Combat Technology Unknown Menace

Community Resources

Community Culture Community Portal
Community Mods Developer Forum
Fan Sites Fiction
Modding SotS XFire Player List
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