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The contents of this page were introduced in A Murder of Crows.

"Actually only one of you needs to be able to speak the other's language in order to make an offer;) Though it is very spoken very loudly...and there are many gestures."

Description: Having encountered the Hiver race, this tech allows you to translate basic military communications from them and form Ceasefire agreements.
This tech also allows the Morrigi to establish trade routes with this species.
Research Category: Xenotech Technology
Research Cost: 2,000 Research Points
Required Technology:
Races Allowed: Hiver, Human, Liir, Morrigi, Tarka, Zuul
Effect: The messages of Hiver players will be translated for you.
With this tech, you may offer to form Ceasefire agreements with them.
The recipient does not require your language tech to accept or refuse, but cannot make a similar offer without it.
Notes: Hiver players start with this technology already researched.
You must encounter a Hiver player or independent world for this technology to become available.
Version: This information valid for Version 1.7.1 ANY-icon.png
New Technologies Available
Technology Research
Chance of Availability
Hiver Human Liir Morrigi Tarka Zuul
Translate K’en-Ken 20,000 (0 for Hiver) 100 100 100 100 100 100
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