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SotS Version 1.1.1 - SotS

SotS Version 1.1.1

From SotS

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Version 1.0.12 SotSIcon.png Version 1.2.1 SotSIcon.png

Latest Version by Release
Sword of the Stars Born of Blood A Murder of Crows Argos Naval Yard
Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Version 1.6.7 AMoC-Icon.png Version 1.8.0 ANY-icon.png SotS-CC-icon.png

All future updates will be made as patches for Argos Naval Yard.

First North America/UK Retail and German, French or Spanish Retail Update (All versions except Russian and Polish)
Release: (NA/UK) August 29, 2006 and (Ger, Fr, Sp) September 27, 2006
Press Release: North America/UK and German, French and Spanish


  1. — Better support for older video cards, including a fix for player color bleeding in low level shaders.
  2. — Direct3D mouse pointers are now used by default, but can be disabled by adding UseD3DCursor=False to the [Graphics] section of sots.ini.
  3. — Fixed word–wrapping issues.
  4. — Subdirectories can now be mounted in the Mars file system by modifying the [Modules] section of sots.ini.
  5. — New sots.ini to hold engine and game settings.
  6. — Decreased popup delay for tooltips and added a key binding to summon a tooltip immediately (`/TILDE key).


  1. — Combat auto–resolve, including the ability to auto–resolve random encounters. Don't say we don't listen.
  2. — Empire AI.
  3. — Tactical, ship piloting and gunner AI.


  1. — UDP packet sizes reduced & combat bandwidth optimized.
  2. — Improved handling of disconnected clients.
  3. — Fixed a couple minor issues with NAT negotiation.
  4. — Fixed all known causes of sync errors.
  5. — Fixed a possible crash that could occur in exceptional circumstances (like when the network adapter is disabled).

>>> Cannot fix rare sync errors caused by some dual–core processors: If you have a dual–processor machine and are experiencing sync errors, set your CPU affinity to a single core <<<

Game browser, chat and lobby

  1. — All internet game browser filters now work as intended.
  2. — Internet chat participants list now updates dynamically.
  3. — Added user name popup to staging lobby and star map player window, to show who is sitting in for players.
  4. — Lobby chat history now indicates who is chatting in addition to which player slot they were in at the time the message was sent.
  5. — Positioning the mouse over a player name will now reveal who is standing in for that player if applicable.
  6. — Player profiles are now stored in ini files in the Profiles directory.
  7. — Game download progress is now shown on top of players in the game lobby while they are receiving a saved game file.
  8. — Each player in the game lobby now has a "ready" indicator.
  9. — Sender of a private tell will now see the recipient's name in chat history. The recipient will see the sender's name.
  10. — All windows with chat input now activate and stay in focus with RETURN/ENTER.
  11. — New racial avatar bitmaps!


  1. — Your ships and allied ships in the combat sensors screen will now show their health cross when the ship name overlay is toggled on.
  2. — Issuing all stop orders to ships now reverts ships to normal stance.
  3. — Ships in combat now always return to their waypoint when their stance is reverted to normal.
  4. — Moved deployed defender CR Gate back 50-m in combat, to prevent it from colliding with Heavy Defence Platforms.
  5. — Defender reinforcements now appear closer to the invader's vector.
  6. — Systems now take damage when ships collide with the planet in combat.
  7. — Players can now exit to the main menu from inside combat.
  8. — Tactical AI now correctly takes over for players who bail out of combat.
  9. — Planet in combat can no longer be picked from its interior. (This was responsible for unintentional focusing on the planet.)
  10. — Ship pilot AI now selects correct ship standoff ranges for any weapon configurations.
  11. — Move and targeting feedback is immediate.
  12. — Fleet stance settings now behave correctly.
  13. — Stance icons now flash when they change.
  14. — Red target circle in sensors screen now pulses.
  15. — Ships now fade correctly while the game is paused.
  16. — Combat pausing (when available) is now immediate.
  17. — UI gives immediate feedback when the game is paused.
  18. — Target reticles flash when you mouse over a target.
  19. — 3D arrow indicates exact target point under mouse.
  20. — Mouse pointer changes shape when modifier keys for force attack (ALT), add/remove selection (CTRL) or rotate formation (SHIFT) is held.
  21. — Mouse pointer changes shape depending on whether it is over the move plane (orange with dot) or not.
  22. — Formation waypoints can plotted and rotated by SHIFT + Right Click + Drag on the move plane.
  23. — Fleet hold fire setting is much more visible, so it won't be missed in first contact situations.
  24. — Added tooltips to special weapon icons.
  25. — Freed up missile turret azimuth constraints by quite a bit.
  26. — Planet missiles now hold fire initially in a first contact encounter.
  27. — Addressed minor issues with windowed mode resolution not being set correctly.
  28. — Fixed potential crash when combat ended while fullscreen game was minimized.
  29. — Slaver encounters now guarantee at least one invading ship.
  30. — Fixed potential crash when ***CONFIDENTIAL*** is destroyed.
  31. — Fixed potential crash caused by a damaged ***CONFIDENTIAL*** being loaded into combat.
  32. — Fixed a couple issues with ships being turned by the ***CONFIDENTIAL***.
  33. — Reduced damage of asteroids versus the planet in combat.
  34. — Fixed extreme slowdown caused by destroying a deployed Hiver gate while reinforcements were still coming through it.
  35. — Custom and scenario screens now remember most recent settings (saved in your profile ini).
  36. — Fixed potential crash in sensors screen when ships die.
  37. — Fixed very rare crash when ships die while the player is switching between sensors and battle views.
  38. — Extreme mine damage bug fixed.
  39. — Fixed case where Heavy Defence Platform missiles could not get firing solutions on nearby targets.
  40. — Fixed potential phantom engine sounds left behind when ships retreat from combat.
  41. — Fleet retreat will now yoink all reserves from battle when there are no ships left on the field.
  42. — Planet and defence platform "ICBM" missiles may now reacquire new targets in-flight.
  43. — Missile engine flares now originate from the correct part of the model. Wink
  44. — Switching to sensors while bandboxing no longer locks out the mouse.
  45. — It is no longer possible to pause combat if it is an encounter in a multiplayer game.
  46. — 'E' and 'SHIFT+E' to cycle focus on enemies.
  47. — 'O' toggles a new tactical overlay that reveals positions of your distant ships. (Default can be set in your profile ini: DefaultShowTacticalOverlay=True/False).
  48. — 'HOME' focuses on and selects new reinforcements in combat.
  49. — 'CTRL+DEL' toggles fleet hold fire.
  50. — 'F1'-'F5' sets selected ship stances.
  51. — 'CTRL+F1' - 'CTRL+F5' sets fleet stance.
  52. — Fixed possible sync error when Hiver ships teleport into combat through their gate.
  53. — Minelayers will now deploy when no enemies are visible on sensors.
  54. — Alterations to behaviour of ***CONFIDENTIAL*** and ***CONFIDENTIAL***, stay frosty. ;)
  55. — Cruisers now have a little more freedom to bring their heavy beams to bear.
  56. — A selection of ships issued move orders while in the Normal stance will now hold stations.
  57. — Added time compression (CTRL + PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN).
  58. — Phasers in large turrets on Human ships now fire double-beams as intended.
  59. — Faster ships will now attempt to maneuver around slower ships.
  60. — Fixed possible crash caused by ***CONFIDENTIAL*** taking a deployed gate.

Star map / strategy game

  1. — Scuttling ships over colonies now yields a temporary output bonus.
  2. — Fixed potential crash associated with researching multiple special projects at once.
  3. — It is no longer possible to save a game during the combat staging phase of a turn.
  4. — Fixed the bug where giving research to another player would cause you to lose all of your research points for a turn.
  5. — Enemies on star map now flash on the turn that they are spotted.
  6. — News event window now closes when a new turn starts so that outdated news items don't stay up on the screen.
  7. — Improved star map pathfinding now considers liberal repair and refuelling changes en route.
  8. — Move lines now show projected ETA.
  9. — Added weapon details popup to design screen.
  10. — Removed potential AI message box popup when turns are processed.
  11. — Ship build queue is now displayed when the empire summary screen is open.
  12. — Added tooltip to ship construction slider.
  13. — Added alternate ship status icon to display when not all biomissiles or assault shuttles are present.
  14. — Added tooltip to indicate number of biomissiles or assault shuttles remaining with ships.
  15. — Auto–refuel now defaults on, but this can be changed in your profile ini file (look in the Profiles folder).
  16. — Ship information now includes tactical stats.
  17. — Added EndTurnDelay to the player profile ini.
  18. — DefaultAutoRefuel=True has been added to the player profile ini.
  19. — Added drag/drop ability to fleet list in star map.
  20. — Corrected minor issues with the player status panel displaying the wrong information.
  21. — Addition of optional host setting to place time limit on combat staging phase (see profile ini).
  22. — Middle mouse button can now be used to focus on an object in the star map, as it does in combat.
  23. — Right mouse button can now be used to spin ship designs.
  24. — Holding or releasing SHIFT now updates the star map move line immediately.
  25. — Hold SHIFT to enqueue 5x ships at a time.
  26. — 'F6' to open save game window.
  27. — 'CTRL+Q' to quit.
  28. — 'CTRL+P' to set AI policy.
  29. — 'TAB' and 'SHIFT+TAB' cycle through your colonies.
  30. — 'DELETE' removes selected ship design.
  31. — 'CTRL+T' ends turn.
  32. — 'P' to toggle player list.
  33. — 'O' toggles objectives.
  34. — 'T' toggles trade window.
  35. — 'Y' toggles alliance window.
  36. — 'K' toggles rankings window.
  37. — 'N' brings up notepad if a system is selected.
  38. — '-' and '=' to toggle fleet lines and star visibility.
  39. — Speech will no longer pile up.
  40. — Notes for a star system are now removed when *CONFIDENTIAL*.
  41. — If a player disconnects while loading into a game, it no longer prevents other players from ending their turns.
  42. — Fixed cases where Universal Antigen did not work as intended.
  43. — Fixed an occasional plague bug that would reduce the infected system's infrastructure to zero immediately.
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