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Religion -- Zuul - SotS

Religion -- Zuul

From SotS


The Zuul are "on a relentless search for the Gods that made them, these brutal warriors will stop at nothing to find “The Great Masters”".

The Zuul have developed a species-wide religion based on the worship of the scientists that created them, known only as “The Great Masters." They also refer to the Liir as heretics. This has led to a popular (yet unconfirmed) theory that the Zuul were created by the same race that enslaved the Liir, the Suul'ka.

Whether or not the Suul'ka are responsible for the Zuul, we know they are religious zealots bent on finding the race that created them "in the fires of advanced biotechnology," and do so by whatever means necessary.


Zuul sermons are telepathic, and inspire massive movements of troops and ships toward a new goal--whatever that might be. If you've ever seen the night-time footage from Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will", picture the same rituals performed on an even more massive scale with a sizable percentage of the message being communicated by telepathy by a hugely powerful psionic coercer. This would be a fireside chat with the Greatfather.

The Great Masters

The creators of the Zuul are known to SolForce investigators as Species Y, but to the Zuul they are know as The Great Masters.

The Zuul faith in their Great Masters is based upon recently lived experience. They are only a few generations removed from Zuul who were directly created by the gods. Their fear and veneration of these beings is based on memories of the pain and terror of the laboratory.

How they will perceive and relate to the Great Masters if and when they ever find them is a mystery. They will have evolved a great deal by the time such a meeting could take place--the Zuul are creatures of rapid change. It's certainly possible that they will perceive weakness or frailty in their former masters.

Then again...maybe not.

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