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Religion -- Hivers - SotS

Religion -- Hivers

From SotS

"Any organism capable of religious faith is capable of superstition. The only difference between a religious belief and a superstitition is the number of people who believe it." -Arinn Dembo

Hiver religion, like certain other aspects of Hiver society, has been relatively stable over thousands of years. It is difficult for Hivers to change their conception of the divine when it so perfectly echoes what they know about life, death and Creation.

A Hiver temple is a stylized and richly elaborated version of a Queen's laying chamber. The Goddess is generally depicted as an enormous Hiver Queen, many times the size of any real Hiver. Depending on the sect and time period, other Hiver demi-gods and avatars may also be depicted – a divine Prince, a noble coterie of divine warriors, etc. Hiver priests are almost always workers and it is said that the warrior caste retains a few shrines and sacred places which are known only to them.

A Hiver Temple
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