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Language, Zuul

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This page is to be filled-in as more information is available.

General Description

The Zuul word for dreadnought literally means "fortress".

Zuul word for pirate is "Zuul".

The Zuul are capable of speaking and thinking to some degree in any language they've ripped, but they also have their own language. For those interested in translating the Zuulian which appears in the game (as the names of ships, etc.), the nearest human equivalents are in Cambodia.

The Zuul use very graphic bodily metaphors to express states of mind. "Chett Thom" and "Thlaoem Thom", for example--"Enlarged Heart" and "Swollen Liver", literally--refer to the arrogance of ego which makes one fearless of all censure or reprisal. "Thlaoem Khmav", "Black Liver", is the characteristic of those who are particularly cruel. "Dach Chett", by contrast--"separated heart"--is cold detachment from the suffering from another. "Si Sach" is "to eat the flesh (of a sentient being)", while "Hot Cheam" "to sip the blood" is a bit milder.

"Etthi Pol", "Potent Power", is what the Zuul call their coercion--the power to crush another's will, despite resistance. "Amnach", by contrast, is "raw power", literally the physical strength and ferocity that they associate with the female. "Khoeng" is "rage"--specifically, the desire to kill when one is thwarted or opposed. "Karangsoek" is revenge--literally, "repayment to an enemy"--served at any temperature. "Kum Kuon" is a grudge, literally a "nursling" of rage which sips quietly, drinking from the teat of one's patience, until the moment when it awakens and is free to feed, with savage ferocity, on one's enemy. "Kdav Chett", "Burning Heart", is the state one enters when anger can not be suppressed. "Pchanh Pchal", "Complete Crushing" (of the enemy) is the desired goal in such cases.

"Machaskar", "Mastery" or "Lordship" is a social role. "Aek Areach" is "Independence", to be free of a master. "Korop" is prostration, the complete and abject subjection to another's power (Etthi Pol)--as when lesser races are made slaves. "Tveu Tam" is what a lesser Zuul does by choice, normally--"to follow and obey", the natural behavior of one who possesses inferior power. "Bangkoap" is to be commanded sharply, with an additional infliction of mental suffering. "Korop" is the word that Zuul use for "respect"--literally, the honor and obeisance which one owes to a father. "Sakti" is one's rank in the scheme of things: "Bonh sakti" is the rank earned by personal merit.

"Santesokh" is "security". "Baos Samat" is cleansing or purification--literally a "sweeping clean" of heretics from a region.

FTL Communication

Planet Names

Zuul use general non–race-specific planet names.

Ship Names (AI)

Law-giver Ravenous Redeemer Retribution Zealous Hammer Claw Red Fang Inquisitor
Shatterbone Imperator Bangkoap Aek Areach Machaskar Thlaoem Khmav Thlaoem Thom Khoeng
Chett Thom Tveu Tam Korop Dach Chett Maiestatis Ligator Veritatis Virtutis
Mandatum Invictus Incorruptus Iudex Tyrannus Merus Karangsoek Santesokh
Baos Samat Sangkat Kum Kuon Si Sach Amnach Kamlang Pchanh Pchal Etthi Pol
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