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From SotS

Gold Status for Sword of the Stars AMoC

Today leading video game Publisher Lighthouse Interactive and accomplished developer Kerberos Productions, announced that A Murder of Crows, the latest expansion to their highly acclaimed 4X space strategy game Sword of the Stars (PC) franchise, has gone gold. In addition to the debut of the Morrigi (the sixth new race in the Sword of the Stars universe) new ships, sections, and weapons are available for the Human, Zuul, Hiver, Liir, and Tarkas races, which brings a competitive and fresh style of gameplay to the series. A Murder of Crows will begin hitting store shelves across the United Kingdom on October 10, 2008 and is currently available for pre–order at GamersGate.com. Players are required to have either Sword of the Stars: Collector's Edition or Born of Blood to join in the action.

"This new expansion exemplifies Kerberos' continued commitment to the vast and dedicated SotS community," said Steve Wall, Vice President Business Development at Lighthouse Interactive. "Fans will revel in the dynamic new gameplay they're about to experience. For those new to the SotS universe, we encourage you to check out the teaser we released this week and visit the official website. This IS the game for space strategy fans, so you don't miss it!"

Six never–before–seen screenshots accompany this press release.

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