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Dutch / Canadian videogame publisher, Lighthouse Interactive was the initial publisher of Sword of the Stars, among other interactive entertainment titles, with offices established in Toronto and Montreal, Canada, Haarlem, The Netherlands and London, England.

Lighthouse Interactive was formed in 2005 by several industry veterans with a combined 35+ years of track record in the gaming business. Subsequently the staff was extended with more people carrying rich experience in the game industry. Avid gamers with a drive for gaming that equals that of their target audience, Lighthouse proved to have an eye for quality games in all sorts of genres, from adventure to shooters and from simulation to strategy.

Lighthouse Interactive was purchased by Toronto–based Silverbirch Incorporated in early 2008.

Lighthouse Interactive went into receivership in late 2008 and were officially declared bankrupt in March 2009 due to the demise of its parent company, Silverbirch Incorporated, and the bankruptcy of its largest debtor, Pinnacle Entertainment.

...While we are saddened by this setback for our many friends at Lighthouse. I wish I could say that over the past year of economic sturm and drang that something like this is shocking or unheard of but sadly it is not. The crunch has hit all sectors of the business world and in gaming even the largest publishers have been forced to step back and regroup while those with smaller resources to fall back on have suffered greatly.

SotS will always remember and be grateful to its first step parent...

— Martin E. Cirulis
CEO Kerberos Productions

North America

Lighthouse Interactive announced a partnership with Destineer to distribute and co–publish SotS in North America. Due to a perceived lack of interest in the marketplace, Destineer chose to not distribute the Expansions.

France and Spain

Lighthouse Interactive announced a partnership with Nobilis Group to distribute SotS in Spain and France.


Lighthouse Interactive announced a partnership with Frogster Interactive Pictures AG to distribute and localize SotS in Germany.

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