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Category:Complete Collection

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The Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection, including the original game and the three expansions — Born of Blood, A Murder of Crows and Argos Naval Yard — was released on May 28 2010 via digital download portal GamersGate. A Retail DVD is expected to be available after May 28 2010.

This collection contains a brand new scenario (also available in the free 1.80 update) and Unique badges, splash art and maps only available in the Complete Collection.

This is the second distribution of the Sword of the Stars franchise by the publisher Paradox Interactive.

Official Press Release


  • 3 new multiplayer galaxy maps - Sinusoid, Helix, and Mountain
  • 1 new scenario, "The Antiquarians" (also found in the free 1.8.0 update)
  • 6 new player avatars, one per race
  • Additional loading splash screens, detailing more of the SotS universe

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