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Chris "castewar" Stewart, Designer, COO


Chris Stewart's My1UP Page


A friend of mine plays cello and is (for obvious reasons) a HUGE Apocalyptica fan – it was her that first introduced them to me. I wouldn't say I'm their biggest fan, but I'm always in favour of hybridization. The results don't always work, or they're fun for awhile and then it's over, but it's way better than the way certain music has gotten caught in a rut.

Apocalyptica was cool, though I haven't heard their new one yet. And wasn't there a group of women that did medieval choral, but of contemporary rock? They occupy the same part of my memory as Apocalyptica, only I can't remember what they were called...

My brother has been pushing Django Reinhardt on me lately (he was the second person to mention Apocalyptica to me), which is nothing short of amazing. His stuff from the 30s and 40s is about a decade ahead of it's time, at least.


I recently finished trying to read everything by John Wyndham – I'm done all the books and a good chunk of the short works, but you know how it is; there's always those last few that take time and patience to track down.

His tone is very different from most sci–fi, but I'd recommend it. In particular, Chocky and The Kraken Wakes. The Chrysalids, Day of the Triffids, and The Midwich Cuckoos are a given (and required reading in a lot of places.)

At Arinn's recommendation, I've been reading Richard Matheson as I can find him and recently I've starting trying to find stuff by Ray Nelson (which is really tough.) I'll let you know what I think of it, provided I can find any.

Someone mentioned the first Ender book and Martin mentioned the Uplift Wars. I don't want to read out my whole bookshelf – those above are the current highlights, unless you want me to bring up the Nero Wolfe books (which I just did – whaddya think about that, huh, punk?)


My core purchases are Planetary, Invincible, anything Hellboy (with options on anything Mignola), Walking Dead (zombies!), the aforementioned Y, The Last Man (still not boring, though once Mecron pointed out the cover patterns, I've stopped paying attention to the cover art), Superman/Batman, Ultimates (with the occasional side title, like Ultimate Six), oh and Ultimate Fantastic Four.

Exiles – kind of the best of the What If..? concept without having to wade through a whole story. Sometimes the idea of what's going on in a universe is only good for a single issue. Some times it's good enough for an arc. The return of The New Universe made my weep with joy. I bought the comics – they were terrible by the end and by that point I was gone, but at first the stories were good. The whole The War idea was a last, pathetic gasp. Psi–Force. DP–7. Yeah!

Ok, Kickers sucked. But I liked most of it.

It'll be a kick in the pants if both Marvel and DC race back to the alternate universe ideas.

I read a lot more Vertigo back in University, which seems appropriately pretentious, but everything else was only so–so at the time, except for X–men (Oh, Uncanny, that's a core book too, at least for now)

Sandman I bought in drips and drabs. Some arcs I liked a lot, others were good, but not enough to buy (I had the advantage of working in a comic shop at the time, so reading without owning was possible.) Hellblazer, I stood by that title until about 100 or so, then I wandered off. When Richard Corbin did that arc with John in prison, I got that – that was amazing, but otherwise I haven't checked it in awhile.

I lend my full support to a series of little guy comics that have started coming in from the cold, like PS238 (read that, then tell me that guy doesn't have a case against Disney for SkyHigh.)

Other than that, it's whatever strikes my fancy. I got the new Guardian series as part of the 7 Soldiers deal, but the rest bored me. I tried to get the Books of Magic Life During Wartime series, but wandered away. I'm just not the completist I once was.

Beyond that, I putter around looking for old TPBs of stuff I missed out on (like Starman) or had as a kid and want them all now (like the Wierd Wars from DC – see, that's why I was a DC guy. I didn't read a lot of Marvel growing up. Not as much as I read DC that is.)

I'm no Dread fan, but Johnny Alpha is the bomb.


Buy Treasure Planet! If you don't want it, buy it for me, I'll send bucks. You can't find that game for love nor money anymore and since people keep walking off with my copy, I try to get them where I can.


I'm playing a lot of Tark. I play a lot of them all, but that's my job. But if I had to pick one, I'd go with Tark. A nice balance of range and speed, strategically. Humans and Hivers are unique fun (as was mentioned, the ability to pop in reinforcements from anywhere is nice), but I like the ability to do the classic burst expansions.

And combat–wise, I love that they're such thugs. I'm a simple man at heart – I just want to hit things as hard as I can. And being able to take a beating on the head while rushing in is always disconcerting to the other guy. Plus it buys you a little margin if you bump into someone with some better weapons. Not a lot, but enough that it can tip a battle back to you, if you're lucky.

Previous Experience

I've been in video games nine years. I started in testing, many, many years ago at Radical Entertainment. I joined Barking Dog studios as a designer on Homeworld: Cataclysm. The entire Cataclysm team did Treasure Planet: Battle At Procyon.


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What do you do to relax from the pressures of Development and how do you encourage your muses (creative sides) to inspire you to maintain the fine quality work we recieve from the team? --Sir Will

Hmm, let's see...

  • Lots and lots of movies, either DVD, cinema, or Turner Classic Movies (Shaw cable just added it and AMC for free, but I tend to watch a lot more of the TCM stuff - harder to find in video stores)
  • Read. A lot.
  • Various graphic endeavors. Silk screening shirts, CD art for friends, stickers, buttons. Attempting my first painting at the moment.
  • Collect books (sci-fi and mystery hardcovers, and those picturebooks they used to put out for movies)
  • Guitar Hero
  • Listening to radio plays (listening to a lot of Judge Dredd and Dr. Who)
  • TV shows where someone is making something (Good Eats, How It's Made, Holmes on Homes, Miami Ink, that sort of thing - if they're makin' something, I wanna watch.)
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