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CE Version 1.5.3 - SotS

CE Version 1.5.3

From SotS

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Latest Version by Release
Sword of the Stars Born of Blood A Murder of Crows Argos Naval Yard
Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Version 1.6.7 AMoC-Icon.png Version 1.8.0 ANY-icon.png SotS-CC-icon.png

All future updates will be made as patches for Argos Naval Yard.

Update for the First Expansion (Post–CE) and the CE (English only)
Release: July 23, 2008
Press Release: English only


This page details what content can be found in 1.5.3. The patch requires version 1.5.2 be installed first (or an installation of SOTS:CE).

SotS 1.5.3 Update


  1. — Fix can't colonize system after enemy gate destroyed.
  2. — Fixed typo in AI research table for finding a path to AI Slave tech.
  3. — Fixed issue where bonus command points would be assigned to all players if they had equal ship numbers.
  4. — Fixed issue with Hiver AI building fleets too large for empire gate capacity.
  5. — Addressed issue with AI sending too many freighters to sectors in some cases.
  6. — Fixed issue with Hiver AI slow-boating sihps with old engines.
  7. — Fixed issue with Hiver AI slow-boating freighters to trade sectors.
  8. — Fixed issue where most Liir ships could not roll left.
  9. — Combat AI now breaks first contact hold fire when enemy planet launches a missile.
  10. — Combat AI now fires Detonating Torpedoes and Corrossive Missiles at enemy planet when no enemy ships remain.
  11. — Fix Hiver AI getting stuck and never expanding when there are too few gates.
  12. — Fix scaling errors in crow ruins debris art.
  13. — Fix disruptor weapon icon glitch.
  14. — Fix overlapped system detection.
  15. — Fix aid not reflected expense report.
  16. — Fix issue where (Arrived) is incorrectly displayed for fleet ETA.
  17. — Fix issues with command line m/p game joining not working (for Xfire).
  18. — Fix known issues with CTRL waypoint stitching reporting incorrect ETA.
  19. — Fixed issue where memory leaks could be caused by asteroid shadows.
  20. — Fix end of combat crash after destroying crow ruins.
  21. — Fix issue where budget screen Research Traded was incorrectly reporting zero.
  22. — Fix Zuul CR Deflector turret embedded inside ship.
  23. — Fix all overlapping systems in the RealSpace custom map, and normalize some tiny/large separations between other problem pairs.
  24. — Fix custom map max colonies default value.
  25. — Fix issues with turret tracking code not aiming correctly in some cases.
  26. — Fix turret art errors causing gun aim to be off.
  27. — Fix known turret arc errors.
  28. — Fix issue with freighters not being evacuated from a sector when all systems in sector are eaten by Sparky.
  29. — Fix trade UI leaving effects behind on systems eaten by Sparky.
  30. — Node drive fleets are no longer lost in nodespace when only part of the fleet loses engines at a system.
  31. — Fix issue with the note icons for fleets getting left behind at systems.
  32. — Fix issue with slave output slider resetting when adjusting other output sliders.
  33. — Fix bug where fleet mgt screen was not assigning a command cost to some ships.
  34. — Fix issue where freighters were not displayed correctly in build queue.
  35. — Fix issue where build queue doesn't appear for trade summary.
  36. — Fix news events not reporting research bonus amounts.
  37. — Fix autoresolve not fielding ships in the correct order.
  38. — Fix Zuul being affected by own infestation.
  39. — Fix issues with assimilation plague & Zuul infestation reports.
  40. — Fix nano virus not unlocking biowar sections.
  41. — Fix mines prematurely detonating.
  42. — Fix outnumber bonus calculation.
  43. — Fix issue with mouse wheel not working in certain text windows.
  44. — Fix bug where resources were not being read correctly from custom map files.
  45. — Fix issue with gate traffic not being updated when ships retreat from combat.
  46. — Fix duplicate Tarkas AI name.


  1. — Optimized Hiver pathfinding.
  2. — Reduced maintenance costs of CR (from $5,000 to $3,000) and DN (from $20,000 to $15,000).
  3. — Adjust strat AI to bring more backup command ships.
  4. — Spaced out imperial savings label & value.
  5. — Improved PD target selection to spread PD fire more intelligently over multiple targets.
  6. — Various tweaks to autoresolve
  7. — Adjustments to mining trap encounter.
  8. — Turn timer no longer disappears when player ends turn.
  9. — Increased force of implosion/grav mines. Note: Only the implosion mine data file was changed.
  10. — Asteroids no longer pd targets.
  11. — Increase in ER Cruiser range
  12. Undocumented change: Heavy energy cannons have had their point blank ranges increased and point blank damage decreased (not the heavy plasma cannon)


  1. — Added tech name to lab accident news event.
  2. — More space for save game filenames.
  3. — Alt+F4 can now be used to exit the app.
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