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CE Version 1.5.2 - SotS

CE Version 1.5.2

From SotS

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Version 1.4.1 BoBIcon.png Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png

Latest Version by Release
Sword of the Stars Born of Blood A Murder of Crows Argos Naval Yard
Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Version 1.6.7 AMoC-Icon.png Version 1.8.0 ANY-icon.png SotS-CC-icon.png

All future updates will be made as patches for Argos Naval Yard.

Update for the First Expansion
Release: June 2, 2008
Press Release: English only


This page details what content can be found in the SotS Collectors Edition that was released onto shelves in May 2008. The CE will also update the SotS + BoB code base from BoB Version 1.4.1 to CE 1.5.2. The CE 1.5.2 code update is also available for download for free as a standard update so that all of the SotS + BoB players will stay concurrent and compatible with CE players. This will then move us from the BoB era to the CE Era.

The 1.5.2 update is cumulative and can be installed over all previous versions of Born of Blood.


  • 75,000 word Novel. The Deacon's Tale, by famed writer Arinn Dembo!
  • CE Edition Badges for each race
  • 3 new map shapes. Barbell, Galactic Clouds and Real Space — a map using the real co–ordinates of earth and the surrounding 350 stars.
  • Built in tutorial movies by our own lead Cleric, Rorschach!
  • Special SotS dedicated server program. Set up your own server game and leave it up indefinitely for your friends and yourself to come and go from as you please.
  • Bonus Disk containing...
    • collected load screen art and proposal sketches,
    • full collection of SotS trailers and Kerberos Electric Playground Interviews
    • CD quality versions of ALL SotS/Bob Music including alternate versions and unused tracks — 27 tracks in all!
    • Full races appendix.

SotS 1.5.2 FREE Update


  1. — Trickling AI reinforcements in combat.
  2. — Rare bug where saved games could blow up in file size.
  3. — Insta death caused by ships bunching up in combat.
  4. — Pursuit mode bunching up in combat. (Fix for Liir formation collisions)
  5. — Grav and implosion mines not working correctly.
  6. — Bug in Hungry Children AI processing.
  7. — Mouse wheel not scrolling list in tutorial.
  8. — Range select (shift key) not working in fleet manager.
  9. — Incorrectly disabled fleet manager repair button at own colony.
  10. — Bug where some in game warning dialogs about moving STL were not centered in the screen.
  11. — Mousewheel zooming in tech tree and star map at the same time.
  12. — "Autosave" and "Autosave Endturn" filenames backwards.
  13. — Locust nest world dying immediately when entering combat.
  14. — Potential AI crash when assessing other players.


  1. — Increases in durability of non–storm asteroids to make them more useful as 'cover'. (20 times tougher)
  2. — Delimited command bonus from numerical superiority/ship to reduce "cheap destroyer" spamming.
  3. — Allow player to observe encounters even if they have other combats queued up. (Other combats will then be auto–resolved.)
  4. — Ship sections can now override default command point values by supplying "command_cost x" in their ship file.
  5. — Adjusted turret arcs:
    1. — Hiver Medium DP and Torpedo Platform.
    2. — All DN War sections.
  6. — Smarter AI targeting during mass missiles launches.
  7. — Zuul receive one additional colony no matter what map settings are and receive a free bore ship at every initial world.
  8. — Build queue is now visible from the trade tab in empire summary.
  9. — Tweaks to prevent AI from surrendering too early.
  10. — Ship sections can now specify which entity class the ship will be based on (chosen first come/first served by section order: mission, command, then engine).


  1. — New AI player names, badges and portraits to reflect characters and references from "The Deacons Tale".
  2. — 1.5.2 new encounters.
  3. — Hotkeys for toggling various display modes on the political map screen.
  4. — Additional visual feedback to polygon targeting an enemy in combat.
  5. — Drag & drop multiple ships from side list into fleet manager.
  6. — Fleet and trade sector notes.
  7. — Species descriptions and data now available in gamestart lobby.
  8. — Flashing plague icons over top of infected colonies (in lists as well).
  9. — Option for custom star maps and a support system to broadcast the map to all players in an MP game. (along with example custom map in the Maps folder).

Note #1 — There will be a 1.5.2 version demo released alongside the CE edition that will allow for Human, Tarka and Liir play for a limited number of turns into the full cruiser and fusion era.

Note #2 — Rorschach's Tutorial movie pack will be available as a free download and will auto integrate into the 1.5.2 general update AND the 1.5.2 Tutorial.


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