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A Murder of Crows Box Art

Lighthouse Interactive announced the next expansion for Kerberos Productions' 4X space strategy game Sword of the Stars: A Murder of Crows, adding never–before–seen weapons, ships and tactics, but also introducing a new race, the Morrigi.

Walkthrough Video


You can find the official announcement here.

You can also see the WorthPlaying announcement here.

You can find the "Gone Gold" official announcement here.

AMoC are the initials used by Kerberos Productions when referring to this expansion for their flagship game Sword of the Stars.

"new tech...new sections for the old races...more battlerider code...oh yeah and the new totally scarey GM" —Mecron

A sample of what will be included in the new expansion:

  • Play as a new race, the Morrigi, with its own method of FTL travel.
  • Over a dozen new ship sections for all races to match against your opponents.
  • 15 new weapons you can add to your ship designs.
  • 27 new technologies, including the new Xeno-Cultural and Drone tech trees.
  • New gameplay elements with Civilian populations, independent worlds, Espionage options, and demands for planetary surrender
  • New GUI enhancements and additions, including:
  • Toggle to allow or deny orbital bombardment for all your ships
  • Overlay of combat grouping (1-9) on all ships when you hold down ALT
  • Status icons for all players during combat to tell who's observing, AI, manual, etc.
  • Ability to jointly call a ceasefire and cancel a combat early
  • Reinforcements spawn on the CnC now instead of a fixed point.


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