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All future updates will be made as patches for Argos Naval Yard.

Update for the Second Expansion
Release: June 15, 2009
Press Release: Update Released for A Murder of Crows.


A new update for A Murder of Crows has been officially announced.

Primarily a Bug Fix release.

This is the last Update for A Murder of Crows. All Future Updates will be for Argos Naval Yard.


  1. — Improved ortgay navigation around asteroids.
  2. — Added missing options to Hiver DEPointDefence.
  3. — Auto Resolve: Fixed ballistic damage modifiers not being applied vs planets.
  4. — Fixed AI running undeployed hiver gate into battle.
  5. — Fixed Hiver AI not expanding.
  6. — Fixed AI responding about itself for like/hate messages.
  7. — Fixed team option not working properly with standalone server.
  8. — Fixed sort order for sectors in trade summary screen.
  9. — Fixed arcology bonus being applied before pop modifiers instead of after.
  10. — Fixed tech info display not listing all sections a tech would unlock.
  11. — Fixed fleet layouts not replacing ships in the layout that died with ships of similar design.
  12. — Fixed sync error with player rejoining shortly after another player acquired advanced sensors.
  13. — Fixed Zuul slave disks not returning to ships when all enemies were eliminated.
  14. — Fixed user clicking on VN Homeworld Discovered news event sometimes zooming to empty space.
  15. — Fixed AI incorrectly responding to diplomatic requests.
  16. — Fixed duplicate system entry in Vortex custom map.
  17. — Fixed hold fire issues with asteroid monitor.
  18. — Fixed spinning morrigi dreads when contacting leap mines.
  19. — Fixed Node missiles flying through cruisers.
  20. — Fixed swarm larva retreating inside planet during combat
  21. — Fixed weapon list sometimes being cut off in design screen.
  22. — Fixed main menu being rendered behind the game setup screens.
  23. — Fixed node techs not showing some other benefits in research screen.
  24. — Fixed exploit where Hivers could teleport to any secure sector, even if they could not trade or raid there.
  25. — Fixed locking of player slots not being saved.
  26. — Fixed Berserker attacks not being properly detected by science stations.
  27. — Fixed end of turn crash.
  28. — Fixed sync error in combat with grappling hooks.
  29. — Fixed Slaver encounter slave discs bouncing off planet.
  30. — Fixed issue with mouse cursor and dual monitors.
  31. — Fixed incorrectly flagged PD targets.
  32. — Fixed dead alliance members appearing in various diplomacy screens and ai messages.
  33. — Fixed players editing teams for other players in the lobby.
  34. — Fixed players with Ancient Morrigi researched not disabling the morrigi encounters.
  35. — Fixed server launch pad icons.
  36. — Fixed tranferring slaves failing if the were slaves already at the system.
  37. — Fixed Zuul receiving "civilians disbanded" event when acquiring a colony.
  38. — Fixed error displaying weight for massive ships in build screen.
  39. — Fixed combat not knowing that a player refused surrender.
  40. — Fixed independent systems not rebuilding infrastructure or terraforming.
  41. — Fixed climate hazard not affecting populations for independent systems.
  42. — Fixed AI treating a team with only one player as an alliance.


  1. — Display details for fleets in the fleet manager.
  2. — Double clicking on events for special projects being unlocked will now open the research screen.
  3. — Tweaked MOTD appearance.
  4. — Fill in all slots with default opponents when lobby is created.
  5. — Increased range for gauss PD.


  1. — Added AI tech election system. (for modders)
  2. — Added option to group teammates closer together in starmap.
  3. — Added Message of the Day to main menu.
  4. — Issue events to all players when a grand menace is eliminated.
  5. — Added band to show player's suitability range in population manager.
  6. — Added end game splash screen for losing The Gathering and Progression Wars senarios.
  7. — Added separate news event for each system when an empire surrenders to another player.
  8. — Added news event indicating what techs have been unlocked.
  9. — Added news event for infrastructure and terraforming completing.
  10. — Added news event for start of Science Mission
  11. — Added clicking on spinning research cube in starmap to open research screen.
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