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AMoC Version 1.6.6 - SotS

AMoC Version 1.6.6

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Sword of the Stars Born of Blood A Murder of Crows Argos Naval Yard
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All future updates will be made as patches for Argos Naval Yard.

Update for the Second Expansion
Release: April 3, 2009
Press Release: Third Update Released for A Murder of Crows.


A new update for A Murder of Crows has been officially announced.

Yes folks, its update time once again! This update will also serve to unify our Russian AMoC friends with the rest of the multiplayer world. – Mecron


  1. — Fixed issue with ships standing off outside weapon range.
  2. — Corrected victory conditions for The Gathering scenario.
  3. — AI now responds correctly to "I like/hate" comm statements.
  4. — Readjusted combat layout to prevent possible collisions between deployed gates and orbiting stations.
  5. — EMP hits now correctly take down shields.
  6. — Ortgay's disintegrators are now simulated in auto–resolve.
  7. — Asteroid monitor is now positioned to intercept incoming enemies when possible.
  8. — Fixed known issues where the AI and grand menaces were not requesting cease combat.
  9. — Kinetic missiles no longer push spectres.
  10. — Surrendering to another player now correctly deals with xenoculture implications.
  11. — Fixed issue where drones could still exist on a destroyed ship section.
  12. — Identified and fixed issues with the strat AI (all races) that were holding back its performance.
  13. — Addressed issues with precision fixed beam aiming.
  14. — AI once again researches techs that are modded into the game.
  15. — Fixed auto–resolve issue where dreadnoughts were losing all weapons on a section prematurely.
  16. — Fixed auto–resolve issue where a deployed gate could survive losing its mission section.
  17. — Fixed issue where civilians would suffer a morale hit when a meteor threat was eliminated.
  18. — Fixed bug where Ortgay could damage a colony in auto–resolve.
  19. — Fixed issue where Ortgay could enter combat and then immediately leave.
  20. — Fixed issue where combat observers were preventing cease combat from working.
  21. — Fixed problem with combat reserves queue running past the bottom of the screen.
  22. — Fixed 'death–blossom' dreadnoughts that could result intermittently from drone collisions.
  23. — Fixed known issues with joint projects. They now work correctly when offered by the AI, and the reject/cancel mechanism is fixed.
  24. — Fixed issue where prisoners just added to a system would die immediately.
  25. — Fixed issues with Zuul slave discs not capturing civilian population.
  26. — Fixed issue where certain techs could not be salvaged.
  27. — Fixed cases where Hiver fleets incorrectly report next turn ETA.
  28. — Fixed all known issues where the trade slider was not sticking correctly.
  29. — Fixed ceasefire invitation not being cancelled when another player declines.
  30. — Fixed issue where civilian population disappeared when an indy world surrendered.


  1. — Removed Zuul player from The Gathering scenario.
  2. — VN moon base is now red on sensors to indicate it is an active weapons system.
  3. — Refugee mothership will now help shoot down incoming meteors.
  4. — Stranded Tarka fleets no longer spam news events.
  5. — Double–clicking a mission objective no longer dismisses the Objectives window.
  6. — Silicoid swarmers are now PD class targets.
  7. — Wild weasels now affect tracking torpedoes.
  8. — VN homeworld no longer makes a trade sector insecure.
  9. — Tweaked AI behavior and layout of the VN homeworld.
  10. — Adjusted civilian morale response to their system surrendering.
  11. — The "Do you like me" comm request must now be directed at a specific player.
  12. — It is now possible to trade with a player who does not have a mutual FTL economy.
  13. — Asteroid monitors now respect the fleet hold fire setting (including first–contact situations).
  14. — Drones now close on moving targets more intelligently.
  15. — Reduced initial turn number in progression wars scenario.
  16. — Specialized missiles are now allowed to fit into missile–only mounts.
  17. — Pushed out the pop–in distance for numerous large objects in combat.
  18. — Increased xenotech bonus for morrigi trans 1, 2 and 3 to 25% EACH.
  19. — "Consumptive" civilian populations now receive output and income bonuses.
  20. — Event history window has been optimized for scrolling.
  21. — All drones surviving combat are now recovered.
  22. — Disruptor whips now auto–fire.
  23. — colonizers no longer cause IMPERIAL population growth to halt.


  1. — There are now eight team designations to accommodate setting single–player teams.
  2. — A stack of fleets on the star map will now prefer displaying the player's own fleet icon over other player's icons.
  3. — A popup menu now appears to clarify which fleet is desired when performing a move that ends on a stack of fleets.
  4. — Sensor images for COLs.
  5. — COL visual effects and sounds added for greater visibility.
  6. — Eliminated players are now grayed out in the player status window.
  7. — AI will now let other players know from time to time when its disposition toward them changes.
  8. — Added info button to the station build window.
  9. — Cease fire speech events.
  10. — Added a new comm message to transmit current information on all of your colonies to another player.
  11. — Added a newly–explored–system effect.
  12. — Added support for an custom map option "randomize,0" that prevents player colonies from being placed randomly.
  13. — Enemy fleet detected news event now provides more information on the fleet.
  14. — CTRL–clicking an option in the design screen will now select that option for other ship sections as well.
  15. — Design screen now remembers options when changing ship section types.
  16. — New skyboxes, splash screens and badges.
  17. — CTRL–double–click will now queue up one turn's worth of orders in the build queue.
  18. — Combat reserves: Double–click now moves item to the front of the queue and ALT–double–click moves all ships of the same design to the front.
  19. — Player is now notified when mining or refining stops due to colonization.
  20. — Build order queues now bundle runs of the same design for clarity.

Hot Fixes

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